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OWINN Blogs | 05/03/2019

Where can you go to find and secure a job as a young adult? LinkedIn? Indeed? Glassdoor? Snagajob? Google? Though applying online is beneficial to the application process, there is a dedicated center right here in Las Vegas that provides all those services to you for FREE. It is called the One-Stop Career Center and it will greatly help you secure a job for the summer, and shape your overall career pathway for your future!

OWINN Blogs | 04/25/2019

Once the school year ends in May, whether you will be graduating or not, what are your plans for the summer? Will you be packing for college? Will you be travelling to another country? Or will you be working at a summer job? The summer provides students an ample amount of time to do anything they wish to do. Take this opportunity to not only diversify your job experiences, but prepare for whatever you wish to create for your future. In this OWINN blog we will discuss ways to utilize your summer break to enhance your career pathway.

OWINN Blogs | 04/15/2019

Last month, OWINN, with the help of Clark County School District in Las Vegas, held the annual Student Workforce and Innovation Summit. Hosted on March 15, 2019 at the Clark County Government Center, it was the largest student summit OWINN has held in the past two years. Plus, the summit had amazing results from students themselves that attended the event!


OWINN Blogs | 03/28/2019

To have a plethora of work experience is a plus, as it helps you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your passions and intellectual interests. Nevertheless, “a plethora of work experience” does not necessarily mean applying to the most odd ball jobs you can think of. Instead, try to focus your attention towards what you want to achieve, and plan around that.