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Workforce Training Incentives

Nevada employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find the number of qualified employees they need from the state’s workforce. As a result, employers often are forced to recruit experienced workers from out-of-state. In an effort to strengthen Nevada’s workforce and bring more jobs to the Silver State, several incentives now exist to help qualify more employees within the workforce, match employers with qualified workers, and to open/maintain businesses in the state. 

Nevada Partners Youth Programs

Not everyone graduates from high school in the traditional way. Some students are home-schooled, some dropout to take care of siblings and/or financial responsibilities, and some just get their GED. Even those that do graduate from high school on time may not have the necessary skills and/or experience to do more than survive in college or earn more than minimum wage. Few have the skills necessary to truly succeed upon entering adulthood.  What then is a late-teen or twenty-something to do?

Nevada Awarded Additional ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grant Funds

Governor Brian Sandoval announced Nevada was awarded an additional $968,595 ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion grant funds by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) will serve as the agency pass-through for the Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN) to administer the grant funds and strategic activities.

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Make Your Education Work For You! NCRC

According to, the average worker with only a high school diploma can expect to make about $35,256 per year. With the cost of living rising in many parts of the country, that salary won’t get them very far. With college costs climbing and student loan debt reaching crippling levels, four-year University might not be a viable option for every high school graduate. High school students need better options to make their education work for them.


With the heightened frequency of identity theft, hacking, and stolen credit card information on the rise, it’s no wonder that cybersecurity is a growing issue of concern in our society. 


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