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About Us

About Us

Nevada’s Big Goal

Students engaged in
work-based learning
opportunities by 2020


The Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN) helps drive a skilled, diverse, and aligned workforce in the state of Nevada by promoting collaboration and cooperation among key entities focused on workforce development. OWINN works to address Nevada’s workforce needs by leveraging labor-market data, scaling career pathways that leads to industry-recognized credentials, expanding apprenticeships and work-based learning, and designing responsive workforce policies.

OWINN was originally created in March 2016 via Executive Order 2016-08 signed by Governor Brian Sandoval. During the 79th Legislative Session, Senate Bill 516, approved by the Nevada Legislature and signed by Governor Sandoval, codified OWINN in state statute.


A Vibrant and sustainable economy


OWINN helps drive a skilled, diverse, and aligned workforce in the state of Nevada by promoting collaboration and cooperation amongst key public and private entities focused on workforce development


  • Address labor market workforce needs by incorporating evidence-based and outcome-based strategies.
  • Identify innovative practices and solutions and recommend improvements to the allocation of federal and state dollars.
  • Develop a career pathways strategy in high demand and high growth areas such as advanced manufacturing, education, healthcare, and technology.


  • Prepare all K-12 students for college and career success.
  • Increase Nevadans with postsecondary degrees and credentials.
  • Increase employment outcomes in training and credentialing programs .


IF we engage youth, adults, and the employer community in workforce development issues; facilitate cooperation and collaboration amongst workforce develop entities; design effective career pathways in key growth sectors based on research and data; THEN we will have a skilled, diverse, and aligned workforce within a vibrant and sustainable Nevada economy.


Action: we are constantly taking action that moves the state forward.
Collaboration: we seek to engage and work as partners.
Inclusiveness: we include diverse perspectives and prioritize equity.
Integrity: we will follow through with courage and truth.
Leadership: we take initiative and facilitate actions that empower institutions.
Optimism: we are hopeful about Nevada’s future.

How OWINN can support your Business

The state of Nevada is pleased you are doing business in Nevada.

The Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN) is a statewide workforce-coordinating agency that helps connect educators (k-12 & post-secondary), business and industry, and other partners to the workforce system. In the context of your business, we can help you navigate the workforce system.

There are four ways OWINN can help your organization. We can help your organization by:

  1. Connecting businesses to resources to support their workforce needs such as recruiting specific populations such as young adults, veterans, individuals with disabilities, etc. 
  2. Sharing information on funding within the workforce system that supports training needs
  3. Facilitating connection to training programs and partnerships within the higher education system or even launching work-based learning programs such as apprenticeships
  4. Influencing what students are learning to ensure it aligns to your needs by serving in an advisory capacity on various Councils that reviews curriculum in Career Technical Education